Private development finance provider is developing more eco-friendly housing

More eco-friendly homes are being created from private development finance firm – Hunter Finance Decade old-firm Hunter Finance is dedicating themselves to providing more private development finance to property developers that want to create more eco-friendly houses. Currently they do work with environmental officers to ensure the work that the property developers are carrying out does not disrupt the local environment, and that they are taking as much measure as they can in order to make their homes more eco-friendly in order to do their own part in helping out…

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Environmental Impact Saving Energy 

Environmental Impact of Biomass

Biomass is relatively new as a fuel source to the renewable energy market, due to this there are still many arguments as to whether or not biomass is a clean energy due to the fact that there is still little evidence to prove either side of the argument strongly. Biomass mainly has positive arguments about it due to the little negative impacts caused by it as well as the much greater outcome than fossil fuels. A common form of fuel is coal, the first problem with this fuel source is…

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