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Rooflights Saving Energy 

A New Way to Save Money On Your Energy

Working with single- and multi-site retailers, hotels and catering, health, education and public sector organisations to decide ways of saving energy ¬†Accountable approaches to save energy in infrastructure We act as your independent strategic energy partners. We will identify where savings can be made throughout your entire energy value chain. We will then leverage proven technology and true innovation, to manage and deliver the changes needed to realise these savings. This is an on-going process, where we assess, implement and monitor continually to sustain the best possible savings and reductions…

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Saving Energy 

Energy Saving Advice

Here at the Energy Matters Website we know that not only is the rising cost of fossil fuel derived energy sources like oil and gas a major concern for consumers all over the world, but also that the undeniable fact of global climate change is a key driver of our growing need to perfect and utilize renewable energy sources like solar power. Filter the rain from your gutters to water the plants in your garden. For any guttering services call 01787 278 103. Saving energy is a key factor in…

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Energy providers Saving Energy 

Energy resources and providers

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (CADDET) Environmental and Energy Study Institute Environmental Engineering Technology Colleges European Association for Renewable Energies European Green Electricity Forum European Renewable Energy Centres Agency (EUREC) FUEL CELLS Online Information Resource Green-e Renewable Electricity Certification Program – USA Green Power Steering Group – Australia Home Power Magazine Hands-on Renewable Energy Source The big name energy providers have all had to plough millions of pounds into their renewable energy R&D as we near the end of our fossil fuel supplies.

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Environmental Impact Saving Energy 

Environmental Impact of Biomass

Biomass is relatively new as a fuel source to the renewable energy market, due to this there are still many arguments as to whether or not biomass is a clean energy due to the fact that there is still little evidence to prove either side of the argument strongly. Biomass mainly has positive arguments about it due to the little negative impacts caused by it as well as the much greater outcome than fossil fuels. A common form of fuel is coal, the first problem with this fuel source is…

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