Private development finance provider is developing more eco-friendly housing

More eco-friendly homes are being created from private development finance firm – Hunter Finance

Decade old-firm Hunter Finance is dedicating themselves to providing more private development finance to property developers that want to create more eco-friendly houses.

Currently they do work with environmental officers to ensure the work that the property developers are carrying out does not disrupt the local environment, and that they are taking as much measure as they can in order to make their homes more eco-friendly in order to do their own part in helping out the environment.

As more people are trying to be more environmentally friendly through using low-energy bulbs and not using more electricity than they need, Hunter Finance wants to provide developers that are creating eco-friendly houses in order to help the environment.

What makes a house eco-friendly?

Houses that have a minimal impact on the environment are seen as eco-friendly as they tend to not produce large amounts of carbon dioxide through the construction process.

Some people view houses that are dependent on a renewable energy source (sun or wind) as eco-friendly because they are relying on a natural source that will not be harming the environment in anyway.

During the project development they will also be performing checks to see how the following criteria are met:

  • What renewable energy sources are used?
  • How have the windows been fit in order to contribute to a more eco-friendly home?
  • What building materials and methods are used?
  • Are there any smart systems used?
  • Is the lighting in the house powered by energy saving light bulbs?

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Qualifying for a loan

Some developers can be given a private development finance loan from £100,000 to £2.5 million – the total cost depends on the estimated value of all the parts and labour associated with building the property.

The loan periods repayment period is between one to eighteen months. Loans are created on a case-by-case basis depending on each person’s unique factors relating to their loan, this is so each repayment plan is fair for the company and also the property developers.

Similar to the loan criteria for non-eco friendly homes, those who receive private development finance will also not need to worry about valuation and legal fees as their solicitors will begin the process.

Why go eco-friendly?

Having an eco-friendly home provides developers with the option to create houses that will be a return on investment, as well as a home that home-owners are showing more interest in due to the societal expectation to lower their carbon footprint.

More people are opting to build their own ‘eco-house’ because they see it as one that is worth the change. Individuals want to feel proud of their house, especially those who are more environmentally cautious and aware.

Eco-friendly homes are a want amongst home owners, and private development finance options will allow a gap in the property development market to be filled.

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