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Why energy matters

We are here to offer you advice about how you can save energy and thus lower your fuel bills as well as do your part for the environment, but also how can utilize emission free clean energy sources, like photovoltaic solar panels, in order to be part of the climate change, rather than just to be less of the problem. Emission free energy sources have to be the future of our energy use as a species, because if they are not, and we carry on as we have been doing ever since the industrial revolution, then we will change the face of this planet and in so doing potentially make vast swathes of it uninhabitable for ourselves. It is not the planet that is in danger, but us, as a species.


For this reason making the difference as an individual is the best any of us can do. This means cutting down on unnecessary energy wastage, by using energy saving light-bulbs for example, by ensuring we recycle as much of our household and office waste as we possibly can, and by car-pooling to ensure there are no gas guzzling vehicles on the road ferrying lone individuals about.


On top of this the installation of solar panels, wind farms, and making use of fuel cells to power our homes and vehicles all remove the need for us to burn fossil fuels and therefore can stop any further carbon dioxide from being pumped into our already overloaded atmosphere. Contact us today to find out more about energy matters.